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New Found Glory | October 10, 2014 | Orlando, FL

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Cyrus again. We’re now just about done with the 2nd week of the GK Tour, and I can honestly say that I’m having a blast being on the road with such great bands and friends, and the shows have been nothing short of amazing!  I’d like to take this chance to talk a little bit about one of my passions outside of playing drums — recording and audio engineering — and how I’ve already learned some new tricks while on the road even for this short time.  First off, we had an acoustic performance that we shot on video the other day for GK and I had the privilege of recording that and mixing it for the final video, which was real fun.  It was super quick, as I just isolated the tracks, cleaned up any extraneous noises and gave a little boost to each of the instruments, but I think the results were awesome given that the entire performance was shot, recorded, and even edited while in our backstage room on the same day in Austin, Texas!  Also, while in rehearsals for this tour we needed to create an 808 bass drop sound to use in some of our songs, and I didn’t really know where to look first for that.  However, after searching a bit on the Internet, I actually found a great YouTube video from our friend Andrew Wade (engineer for A Day To Remember, and who’s worked with Chad on a bunch of their records), where Andrew explains a super easy way to create the “perfect” bass drop to use in modern recordings.  I followed his advice as a starting point, and created a few different 808s to use, each tuned to the key of the different songs we needed them in.  Search for that video for more info, and remember, when in doubt, turn to the Internet for great tips/comments from others on what to do.  The world of audio recording is vast and full of different opinions, and in many respects there are no rules or right answers, so keep your ears open and take in any and all info you can get.  Happy recording everyone!

for remaining tour-dates check out theglamourkillstour.com

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Hello. This is Ian Grushka, aka @psychosmoke on Instagram. I guess this blog is supposed to tell you a little bit of my interests outside of the band, which in some way relates to touring. As some of you may or may not know I am big fan of going to baseball games and collecting game used sports memorabilia. Recently we played all 3 cities of riot fest. I had mapped this trip out in advance so my flights were booked to allow stops at different baseball stadiums. The first show was Toronto. We Flew in on the 5th of September, and played the Fest on the 6th. Everyone else flew home on the 7th. I stayed and had a day off on the 7th, because on the 8th the Blue Jays played the Cubs. One of my friends, John Baker, is a catcher on the Cubs. He left me some tickets and batting practice passes for the game. It was my first time there, and that was the 20th stadium I’ve seen a game at. Next stop was Chicago Riot Fest. We all flew in on Sept 13th. I went straight from the airport, to U.S. Cellular Field, the home of the Chicago White Sox. Pretty awesome day for a game, considering I got 2 for the price of one (which was free, as my friend who works for the twins left me tickets) it was a double header. That was stadium #21 for me. The next day, the 14th, was the fest in Chicago. On the 15th, when everyone else flew home, I went to see the Cubs play the Reds. Got to see my buddy John Baker & see batting practice. I’ve been to Wrigley before, but this time he took me into the clubhouse to hang for a bit. Got to meet and talk to Anthony Rizzo for a bit as well, his first game back from injury. We talked about our old high school and hometown (he’s from parkland, right next to Coral Springs). Rizzo hit a walk off homerun that night. Then I flew home the next day. Last up was the Denver Riot Fest. The days of this I can’t recall, and I’m too lazy to look it up. But we flew into Denver, played the fest the next day. Then I went to see the Rockies play the D-Backs. I have also been to this stadium before, and was supposed to have 2 free tickets left for me. Then I got hit with a curveball, which often happens on tour as well. Tickets were never left. So instead of buying them, which I was about to do, I somehow convinced the box office to give me 2 free tickets. So there ya go. The moral of the story is, 9 more ball-parks and I’ve been to them all. And if you don’t like this blog, I’m sorry, but it’s much more exciting then talking about diet and exercise. Thanks for reading (if you made it this far)

Hi this is Jordan! So far the tour has been going great and the hangs are off the chain! It’s been really fun playing these shows and the reception to the new songs has been awesome! Some of you may know that over the past couple of years I started tattooing and I’m also in the process of opening my own shop in North County San Diego where I live. Art has always been a passion of mine. I’ve done art of all types, album art for bands, t-shirt designs, and commercial building murals. But over the last few years, tattooing has become a passion for me too. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to apprentice under Ian White and help open his shop in Nashville TN called Safe House Tattoo. So far it’s been an interesting journey. What I love about it is being able to meet new people of all types and spend a few hours hanging, collaborating on what they really want on their body forever, and getting to know the person. It’s really a cool experience. I do have a certain style and am influenced by artists of the same style. I call my tattoos “doodles” because they reflect the type of style I like to draw in. Lots of black line work with detailed cross hatch or stipple (little dots) and shading. I’ve been able to keep it going despite being in and out on the road all the time. If interested hit me up on the interwebz! See you guys at the shows or in the shop! Jordan OUT! 


There is no place in the entire world that feels more like home to me than right fucking here. Singing my heart out to music I love more than anything. Stoked for 2 more days with these guys #newfoundglory #nfg #poppunksnotdead


Fun times with New Found Glory

New Found Glory Stream New Album ‘Resurrection’



New Found Glory are releasing Resurrection on October 7th via Hopeless Records. Stream the full record below.

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New Found Glory kicked off the Glamour Kills Tour last night with We Are The In Crowd, Fireworks, Candy Hearts, Red City Radio, and Better Off. You can check out their setlist below.

Dates can be found here.

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New Found Glory Premiere New Song ‘Stubborn’ (ft. Anthony Raneri)



New Found Glory are premiering their new song “Stubborn”, featuring Bayside’s Anthony Raneri via Pure Volume, Buzznet, AbsolutePunk, Under The Gun Review, and Property of Zack. The new song is off their upcoming album Resurrection out October 7 via Hopeless Records. Check out the new song here by clicking “Read More” below.

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New Found Glory Release New Song ‘Stories Of A Different Kind’



New Found Glory have released another brand new track titled 'Stories Of A Different Kind' on Altpress. The track appears on Resurrection, out Oct 7th via Hopeless Records.


CyrusPhotographed at Riot FestChicago, IllinoisSeptember 14, 2014
Pre-Order Resurrection here!


Photographed at Riot Fest
Chicago, Illinois
September 14, 2014

Pre-Order Resurrection here!